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 Established in 1990, Zhanjiang StarEnterprise CO., Ltd possesses RMB 2,168 million registered capital, 45,000square meters land and 60,000 square meters factory buildings.
Up to now, we have employed more than450 staffs, including 40 intermediate and advanced administrative staffs andtechnicians.
We are equipped with the Chief EngineerOffice, Quality department, R & D department, Production department, Salesdepartment, HR department, Purchasing Department, Finance Department, Warehousingdepartment, Administrative office etc.
We mainly manufacture such products aslatex Foley catheter, Silicone Foley catheter, PVC Foley catheter, maleexternal catheter, stomach tube, urine catheter, prostate catheter, T drainagetube, endotracheal tube, Tracheostomy tube, mucus extractor, over two hundredSpecification.
After more than 25 years’ development, wehave established a comprehensive sales network. In domestic market, STAR brandseries products have covered 30 provinces from the north Heihe to the southSanya city; east to Shanghai, west to Jiuquan area etc. (municipalities andautonomous regions), more than three hundred prefecture-level cities, two thousandCounties and 8,000 hospitals.
We are supplier of the following largehospitals:
Beijing Sino-Japanese FriendshipHospital,
Beijing Union Medical College Hospital,
Second Xiangya Hospital,
Navy General Hospital,
Shanghai Changzheng Hospital,
Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital,
WuhanTongji UnionMedical College Hospital,
Central South University XiangyaHospital,
Central South University,
Chengdu West China medical AffiliatedHospital,
China medical University AffiliatedHospitaland
Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital.
In international market, including directexport and export via trade trading companies, our products go to more than onehundred countries and regions from Asia to Middle East, South America, Africaand Europe, and the annual sales growth is up to 40%.
Our company and products gain wellreputations from both domestic and foreign customers.
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